A Space for The Many

Hello There!

Seize The Word blog celebrates your aspirations and creative vision, so share a post and read many too across a whole range of interests and subjects. We’ve got something for everyone on this blog, so take some time to explore (click that big bold text already!). As always we’re always seeking contributors so you SHOULD visit this page  immediately!! Also we can’t say this enough but Silver Lining is worth the attention y’all. Think about businesses, initiatives, stories and people doing something positive, with great social impact. We want to APPLAUD them… smother them with hugs even. And of course do a little article with them too. Catch all the latest on STW right here and leave your comments and suggestions on this page! Like us on Facebook and share this with your friends.

Love to ya!

Shruti Bharath



  1. shaz

    Good luck with the blog. Scientist…..photographer….fashionista…foodie….what not… you’ve got a carzy team going. Would like to hear your tale of ‘how it all fell together’. Cheers.

  2. Latha G

    Seize the word or lets say “Seize the World” is fantastic. Made a very good beginning . All the best to the STW team.

  3. Laavanya

    Good luck withSTW . Looking forward to reading all your stuff.

  4. Saloni

    Awesome logo, just love it!!

  5. Adi

    Super Good 🙂 🙂 🙂

  6. Namaskaram 🙂
    The blog is really interesting, what with an eclectic mix of people (however did u manage such a coup?!) and the broad array of topics (shoes and Olympics and Horror flicks on the same page! really?! :D)
    Plus there’s a Jamshedpur connection 😀
    While u seize the word I’m gonna go spread it 🙂

    • STW

      Hello Pennilessdreamer! Thank you for the kind kind words 🙂 Yes the intention is to bring together different people with different things to say and hence the eclectic nature of STW 🙂 We have new writers every month! Glad to hear about the Jamshedpur connection, but at heart I’m a Bangalore girl 🙂 You should definitely spread the love for STW and like us on FB if you have not already 🙂 Thanks for reading! If you ever want to write for us just go to ‘Write for STW’ on the top nav.

  7. superb! i really appreciate the ideas of making” wealth out of waste”.They are really very innovative

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