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Editor and Creative Head:

IMG_20140706_111708Shruti Bharath is founder, writer and designer at Seize The Word, a hobby gone way too public! When she isn’t bouncing off the walls with new ideas and childlike enthusiasm, she is dreaming up story book plots and researching for her new venture. A social-entrepreneur-in-progress, her plate is never empty and her glass is always half full. A Bangalore girl with a soft spot for Mumbai.

Full Time Contributors:

Shreya Bharath, fashion student at Ryerson University, Toronto, Canada, is a superstar designer in the making. With a heart of gold,  her innocent charm and unconditional compassion, translates into her life and her work. The artwork for STW is designed by this lovely lady – lover of dogs, doodles, dressing up and the occasional sugary delight! 

Shwetha Arun Devotta loves the holy-trinity – fashion, food and travel. A happy-go-lucky girl, living in New York, she makes the most of life and its opportunities, she possibly even sleeps smiling! She is all for taking in every experience with a positive attitude and has some mean culinary skills too. She also believes the way to a man’s heart is through her dancing shoes – that’s how she met her husband.


DSC_0891 (1009x1280)Sudha Padmanabhan is a Business Analyst, who lives in Sydney. She firmly believes that life is like a great big canvas and that you should throw all the paint you can on it. She believes good friends, good books and good food make the ideal life.

JavisiaJavisia Dias is as unique as her name. With a habit of not being able to sit in one place, it has led her to constantly experiment in life.  Be it travelling, gardening or restaurant hopping and cooking. Based in Dubai, a city that caters to her every urge, she is a Gemini with a thirst for adventure.

Screen Shot 2013-07-27 at 9.52.02 AMRitesh Shete is a publicist by profession and photographer by passion. He loves to explore new places, capture moments  and write about them. A travel freak and lover of Electronic Dance Music(EDM), he also follows and loves the religion called Cricket!


KeertKeerthanahana Sankaran is an Engineering student from Chennai. An unconditionally happy person whose road to passion infinitely widens. With an endless bucket list she describes herself as a runner, dancer, martial artist, biotechnologist, and a writer.


DSCN0150Aparna Somaiah is a traveler and baker and great at both! When she isn’t dreaming about her next vacation or that perfect slice of pie, she’s backpacking and wandering the world.


Reshmy Kurian is a designer by training from NID and a baker by passion She’s been cooking and baking since the age of 6. Constantly driven by a search for the next international dish she has never tasted, she is always foraging for, ideating about and creating new food. Her goal, in everything she does with food, is to help people find the joy of eating, cooking and creating new food experiences.

1 (1)Madhavi Kulkarni is a vociferous reader, her mind keeps toggling between Harry Potter, CSI reruns and Old Bollywood Movies. A budding writer, she is presently trying to turn her house into a green zone, with everything from composting to rainwater harvesting to gardening being tried out in phases!

mePrashanth Venky a software engineer from Bangalore who has no idea of what he wants to or what he might land up doing. He loves to see life from different points of view and understand different cultures. He firmly believes there is so much to see within India, and definitely plans on travelling the extreme corners of the world someday!

Screen Shot 2013-03-20 at 4.57.11 PMSharath Krishnaswami is a journalist for whatsthescene, a music portal. When he’s not at work, he’s either trekking, playing football or deciphering art house cinema.

VeenaVeena is a student of architecture. Dance is what makes her happy. Writing is her passion. Books are literally her best friends. She dreams of owning a big library someday.

Dr. Renu Raghupathi can live without sleep, can live for days on air and water, (never needs to pee) has skin as thick as buffalo hide, and the tensile strength of steel. Good traits for a doctor.

Meghana Iyengar  is a true blue Bangalorean who currently lives with her husband in Gothenburg, Sweden. She loves talking, potato chips, coffee and random conversation that don’t lead her anywhere.

Screen Shot 2013-03-28 at 4.42.30 PMVikas V Patil, photographer based out of Bangalore is inclined towards shooting candid moments, street photography and special moments of life. He’s also co-founded a start-up called Lytkraft.

Vikram Sridhar from Tahatto is a Marketing Professional having worked with different aspects of theatre both onstage and offstage. He’s a wildlife enthusiast and volunteer too.

Adit Ganguly is fourteen year old food-loving, study-hating, photography-enthusiast and movie-buff. A fun guy, a football lover and a major Manchester United fan, he’s a fantastic budding writer.

Adhithi Rajan is a student currently doing her masters in Clinical Psychology. She loves life and too many things about it. She’s humanist at heart. Food, laughter, F1, HIMYM, conversations, vodka, anthropology, grey scale photography and tea with parle-g: are few of the things that highlight the awesomeness of her universe.

Rwik Mukhopadhyay is a writer by intention. He some times loves to go against the motion.

Nishant Jain is a PhD candidate in the Netherlands who makes comics, running The Testimonial Comics and drawing for Indian magazine 90 Minutes and online sports network Sportskeeda. He also has an unusual fondness for the movies of Woody Allen, guavas and The Doors.

Megha is a Playback singer in the South Indian film industry and an expert in Neuro Linguistic Programming (NLP), founder of School of Excellence in Chennai. In her spare time she enjoys spending time with her family and friends and is even writing a book.

Harshavardhan Srinivasan is a software engineer, avid traveller and hiker, with a huge passion for bikes and photography. Wanderlust has taken him to many places and he is always ready to share his experiences.

Sarat Gnanamgari is a content writer by profession and a biker, traveler, bibliophile, audiophile and a guitarist. From Hyderabad, he moved to Bangalore for love and has never looked back. He’s also a great connoisseur of alcohol and his house is open to like minded people who wish to hold dialectics under the influence.

Second To None Team Reena Chengappa, Anu Gummaraju and Shilpa Kamath founders at Second To None (2nd20) practice and encourage ideas around reuse, recycling, reducing waste and replenishing resources. These Banaglore women are an inspiration and a new breed of activists.

Varun Agarwal first-generation entrepreneur, film maker and author from Bangalore. Co-founder Alma Mater and two other companies – Reticular and Last Minute Films, he is also the author of a national bestselling book How I Braved Anu Aunty and Co-Founded A Million Dollar Company.

Sachin, a true Bangalorean, is extremely passionate about arts. He started dabbling in free style pencil sketching in his childhood and has since directed his creative energy into honing his tattooing skills. He runs a tattoo studio called Bleed Ink Tattoos.

Amol Kshatriya from London, is an architect and joy walker. His beautiful pictures tell a story of his many walks and he captures them well with his camera. Great with ginger tea, he will tell you a journey is best loved looking back and not forward, because it is the experience that counts not the destination alone.

Sumeet Kumar scientist, beard grower, and spider-catcher, lives in a charming little town criss crossed by a dozen canals somewhere in the Netherlands where on rainy days he feels like a storyteller. On other days he wears a red apron and pretends to be a cook!

Gayathri Nair is vociferous on issues that she’s passionate about and writes when her head can no longer contain the stories that she perennially walks around with. An agnost, a dreamer, she says “I have a Lover’s Quarrel with the World.” She has a penchant for Latin, Food, Human Psychology, Sports- that isn’t golf, Medical and Crime Fiction Drama on TV.

Dadis Harsh a dash of sanity in an otherwise chaotic mind, a dab of common sense and a pint of intelligence. Mix all of them up and that about descries most people on this planet. Supersize the mix and you’ve got this anonymous writer.

Snehal Kanodia, a student at St. Xaviers College, Kolkata, is a brilliant young talent. From paintbrushes to being behind the lens, her artistic talents span different media. Her recent photography scholarship, earned her a trip to Ladakh to learn from acclaimed photographers and her works have been featured in the ‘Calcutta Photography Festival’.

Aparna Shekar Roy is a marketing professional, based out of London. When she is not stuck in her cubicle, she backpacks around the world and blogs about it. With travel stories across continents and countries, she was one of the first ‘couchsurfers’ from India! She is an inspirational traveler and even knows a thing or two about Capoeira.

Priyanka Amrith has a lot to say and the power to do it right. This lovely lady enjoys her mumblings and grumblings – from the city of Bangalore. She is on many parallel quests and is happy to remain mostly confused with the hope that she will figure ‘it’ out, eventually. While always in search of silver linings, she admits to failing here once in a while.

Sharad Narayan  is a practicing architect, music enthusiast, compulsive foodie, bibliomaniac, trying-to-be entrepreneur, football fanatic, fairly decent cook, and the worst foul-mouth on Bangalore roads. While he isn’t cursing at auto drivers, he is looking at insane billboards and hoardings that ‘grace’ the streets.

Sneha Shendre is a photographer and stylist from Bangalore, aspiring to start a brand called Skiitch which will be just about skirts of all kinds! A fashion student (not so long ago) Sneha walks the talk with her own unique and effortless style.Watch out for her on the streets of Bangalore, as she gives STW more buzz on street fashion and trends.

Abhijit Das calls himself a ‘regular postgraduate’, with a flair for Biotechnology. Trying hard to be a scientist, he also spends time penning down a few lines, in the form of touching poetry. Inspired by people, friends, love for good food and music, he is filled with oodles of optimism that never ends.

Priya Hunt lives and works in London, UK. She’s an avid foodie, very intersted in cooking and has written various articles and a cookbook. She’s also an author of a children’s series “The Magic Sapphire”. Priya, is also a trained Bharatanatyam dancer (Indian classical dance form from Tamil Nadu, India), and her grace and poise are a testament to her training.

Deeksha Vijay enjoys indulging her bubbly and creative side. Though she works hard for a living, writing or blogging is her way to connect with like minded people and get to share her views and opinions with them. She also hails from Bangalore city.

Madhurya Balan artist, designer, performer and free spirit from beautiful Bangalore. Interested in print media, illustration, language and cultures, information and knowledge systems, social design, nature, science and politics, this fire cracker has that twinkle in her eyes, you just can’t miss!

Priyanka Shetty is the founder of the theatre group ‘Antardwand’ and also of the popular online portal for live music ‘What’s The Scene India’. She is a book lover, writer and a huge fan of Sebastian Vettel. She works and lives in Bangalore, India.


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