Write for STW

We are so glad you are thinking about contributing. The way this works is very simple – everyone has something to say, something they’re just itching to get out, we like to call it “creative outbursts”! Well STW gives you the chance to put into words (and images) anything you’d like to say. We’re talking book reviews, food buzz, opinions, photo essays, fashion, frustrations on ANY topic (let’s keep it clean though). So if you are looking to seize the words and give us your best shot, fill up this form.

STW aims to publish new content as often as we can, so while deadlines are not hard, they come fast 🙂 We’ll handle this part with you, you’ll hear from Shruti Bharath a day after you submit this form, with the specifics on what, how and when. For more information you may want to visit this page.



  1. Brindaa

    Will you be paying the writers?

    • STW

      Only in kindness 🙂 Well the idea behind STW is not to ‘buy’ your work but give you an opportunity to showcase it, you should check out the ‘About STW’ section. For now that is the payment in itself 🙂

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