About Seize The Word

Founder, Editor & Creative Head– Shruti Bharath | Email: shrutibharath@gmail.com

What is this?

‘Seize The Word’ (referred to as STW) is an attempt to harness the combined ‘voice’ of a community of like minded writers and free thinkers on a variety of interesting yet simple subjects. The topics that STW will cover, include, but are not restricted to – interviews with people, views and opinions on matters of public interest, articles on social causes, fashion and food enthusiasts corners, art and music events, travel, photography and graphics, pets, cooking and the works – in India particularly and across the world too.

As far as possible, STW is a free space i.e. your own interest inspires your content and there are no boundaries to what we can publish. Our reader base will be ‘cultivated’ in time as they acquire a taste for our unique brand and style.

Why do this?

STW aims to be a platform to share ideas, thoughts and opinions on topics that interest us all. To have an opinion or the skill to express in written word or imagery is great, but what is better is the means to share it. There is an explosion of opportunities out there for this and STW is another honest attempt. Through STW this expression will be made. STW aims to be the place for amateur writers to find a niche in writing compelling material.

STW is a beginning, a collective/community effort to create great content for readers and push your own imagination to produce fascinating written work.

Its win-win, as they say. You win, your readers win.

How (Broadly speaking)?

STW encourages any and all amateur writers to fill out this form or write to shrutibharath@gmail.com to get started on working on a piece for STW. The process is fairly simple, you’ll see in the ‘More’ section


STW though my brainchild, is fueled by the efforts of a community that is diverse and committed to many things in their lives. With that in mind, a reasonable and consistent pace for new content will be maintained, to be published at a frequency best managed by the editor. This may range from bi-weekly or monthly as the case may be. All contributors are free to submit material at any time.


Thank you for considering being part of this initiative! It is this collective enthusiasm that can make this a truly exciting experience. So let’s get right to it.

  • You’ve picked a topic and you probably know what you would like to write about today.
  • Send me your top 3 picks for topics you want to write about.
  • I will help prioritize this, so you can start off by submitting content for the topic we mark ‘1’.
  • You have a week to write up a power packed article, with pictures. Details for submission guidelines will be sent on an email when confirming your topic order.
  • I stress that you keep your written work as original as possible and the pictures you use, be self taken or with the appropriate permissions in place.
  • Then you submit (on email) and I will take care of the rest, including letting you know when we publish.
  • Of course we will include a BIO of all our contributors online (2-3 lines, super casual).
  • With each edition we might change this schedule around, but that should not in any way affect your creative process.

Your work means a lot to me, so again a huge THANK YOU and big high five for joining in. Seize The Word is enthusiasm and creativity in its most raw and innocent form. We do not steal ideas, nor take credit for what is not ours. We honour true and fearless contributors, not afraid to speak their minds and enjoy fresh and far-out ideas. So go for it.

All questions can be directed to shrutibharath@gmail.com for now.


What are your thoughts here?

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