Why you should start running

In this post we meet Keerthana Sankaran. She talks about her passion for running  and why it’s got something for everyone. We say let’s put on some running shows as this dancer, martial artist, biotechnologist, and a writer, warms us up!

No, this is not one of those articles written by fitness freaks or physiotherapists telling you about how healthy running could make you. I’ve been running (on and off) for the past three years and I could have easily trained to become a podium finisher. But that’s not what I run for. Forget the chirping birds and the beautiful greenery. Forget about getting healthy or losing weight. Forget about all other fancy things that people tell you to draw you to the road every morning. That hour of the day you run is the “me time” that everyone is desperately looking for.


Original art by Keerthana’s friend

Here are some reasons that I could give you, to prove running is not just about fitness and health.

Meet “you”

Im a narcissistic egomaniac and I love myself. But who am I? Running has helped me figure out who I am. I love noticing the smallest things about me when I run. I get fascinated by the way my body syncs to the music flowing through my ears. Slower gaits for melodious songs and longer strides for peppier beats. And then comes my favorite part- listening to the thoughts buzzing through my head. Being amused by how my brain can interpret things differently.

Get sucked into running groups. Get popular. Get noticed.

When you run, you’re probably going to bump into a local full marathoner. Bump into him everyday and one day he’ll wave, make friends with you, and introduce you to hundreds of his other runner friends. If you’re lucky they would give you an awesome nickname that you could proudly show off.

Runner friends could tell you so many stories along your run route, keeping you distracted from leg pain. They’ve got really inspirational stories, like superheroes with tragic pasts – overweight, heart attacks, surgeries, accidents, etc.

Watch how you change

You’ll never know how running will change you.

Are you a grumpy person with a huge ego? Watch running turn you into a happy-go-lucky person radiating positivity wherever you go. Feel confident as hell. Because apparently running stimulates hormone called “endorphins” or “the feel good” hormone. So get those hormones making you feel younger each day.

There you are! Reasons to get fancy running shoes, look chic in dry fit clothes, and charge your Ipod. Leave your worries and burdens behind and use this chance to discover yourself, because sometimes good things like this could be addictive!


About Shruti Bharath

Social entrepreneur and developmental writer, passionate about creating workable solutions in the areas of improving employability of youth and women through skill enhancement/training and generation of productive and sustainable employment opportunities.

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