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While this issue may have died an unnatural death in media circles, Ritesh Shete shares some thoughts on the world of Cricket and what happens when the spirit of the game is forgotten.

Developments in IPL fixing has been Sreesanth has got a breather. He has been granted bail and so are other few bookies who have not been proved guilty yet. Ever since Sreesanth has come out of jail and has had his food with his family, he has been saying that I will “AGAIN” play for India. I am not sure on what basis the comment was made, but that statement can only accommodate for 1 per cent of his work leaving 99 per cent to be achieved to be found “NOT” guilty. Mind you it will be an “ACHIEVEMENT” if he comes out cleanly!

UmpireThe focus is not only on him, while on others as well like N.Srinivasan and BCCI in particular who have a daunting task of cleaning the system. If you ask me FRANKLY I would say not only top management but also the grounds men, floor cleaners and others will have to be penalized if they have been found guilty of being carriers of this FIXING scandal. Only then a pure and clean system will evolve, until then you will find some or the other glitches to point or blame at giving the Indian media hot cakes to celebrate on and prove their TRP magical figures.

Well I am not trying to blame here anyone , but my heart goes out to the GENTLEMEN of the game. Especially, Rahul Dravid(THE GENTLEMEN , THE WALL, MR.DEPENDABLE, JAMMY etc) and Sachin Tendulkar (THE GOD himself). You will exhaust the whole dictionary but you will always fall short of words on describing how well these International cricketing icons have performed. I still remember the sports pages when The Gentlemen of Cricket Rahul Dravid announced his retirement. The headlines read “ Well Left “ “No More JAMMY” and many more. The greatest living commentator Harsha Bhogle said “Patiently, brick by brick, he built giant edifices. He is a good man and he batted like a good man”.

Wow, that is the way somebody and especially the new generation of cricketers should “AIM” at and not leaving the field for has been arrested in a fixing scandal. Sorry to say Mr. Sreesanth you have bought shame both to the NATION and as well as to the GENTLEMEN who you played under. I don’t think so you deserve to be back in the dressing room simply because your leader preached this “The respect in your dressing room and that of your opponents is what matters”. You did not meet either of those. While I am not only pointing at you, but to all those who made this GENTLEMEN’s game a dirty place as of now.

I don’t understand even after playing for one of the richest sporting boards in the world, why do players indulge themselves in Bowlersuch activities. I am sure money is one the reasons, but don’t these cricketers realize the after effects. Tendulkar, Kumble, Dravid, Sourav , Srinath, Laxman etc who all are outstanding examples of playing for pride and with Integrity were born on the same soil.

I must say and admit that cricketers like Tendulkar, Kumble, Dravid, Waugh brothers, Sunny, Kapil, Lara, Roshan Mahanama, Aravinda De’silva, Courtney Walsh, Viv Richards etc etc have been lucky to live their golden period. But the irony here is are they thinking the same way? Are they saying in their hearts that is this what they have played for to see in mere future? I am 99 per cent sure the answer will be a “NO”. Will BCCI bounce back strongly to prove a point or will this FIXING saga go on forever.

The question I am asking is has this Gentlemen’s game lost its FAME!


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