Shreya Bharath recommends quirky and awesomely entertaining YouTube channels for your viewing pleasure. WARNING some of this stuff’s crazy funny guaranteeing lots of laughs!  

I had watched the occasional music video on YouTube prior to 2010, but it was only after I was introduced to vlogger, Alex Day’s “Alex Reads Twilight” videos, that I truly realized how amazingly entertaining the website could be. I am a late adopter of the YouTube trend but in a short time, the list of video channels that I have subscribed to has increased alarmingly.

I have always thought it was slightly pretentious to say that you have an eclectic taste, but, sigh, I think I do, at least when it comes to my YouTube video channel preferences. I watch all kinds of videos; From animated science videos to Harry Potter Puppet Pals, from DIY crafting videos to web series adaptations of Jane Austen novels, from short films to booktuber channels and much more! Now that I have firmly established my YouTube ‘cred’ and before you start questioning whether I have a life outside YouTube…. Here is a list of 7 of my favorite YouTubers! (This list is not in order of preference and is by no means definitive)

Pick #1 Grace Helbig of Daily Grace

She is a 28/29-year-old, actress and comedian from New York and boy, is she hilarious! She vlogs daily and has a theme (and theme song!) for every day; Monday = miscellaneous, Tuesday= Commenting on comments, Wednesday = Reviews etc. Awkward in a good way, sarcastic and full of puns are three of the best ways to describe her sense of humor and are also the reasons why I love her.

Shreya recommends: Watch “Annoying PDA” or any of her cooking videos.

Pick #2 Mamrie Hart of You Deserve a Drink

YT2Mamrie Hart is also a 28/29 year old actress and comedian and she is best friends with Grace Helbig. With their comedic powers combined they produce, You Deserve a Drink, a video channel dedicated to making a drink for pop culture icons who have had a lousy week.  Mamrie Hart hosts the show and teaches you how to make a drink while infusing a lot of funny and (sometimes) borderline disgusting sexual innuendo. I am an adult but see no shame in laughing at the occasional (or maybe not occasional) fart joke, and you can find plenty of them in her videos whilst improving your mixology skills. Win win, I say.

Shreya recommends: “Hugh Hefner’s Wedding Cake Martini” or “YTDAD: Vegan Bailey Grace”

Pick #3 Shamikah and Molly of Emotistyle

YT3Shamikah and Molly are comedians in New York and they take “retail therapy” literally, with their channel called Emotistyle! Viewers write to them about issues and problems in their lives and these girls help them choose an outfit to make them feel better! They are teachers of style and always encourage you to let your freak flag fly so that you can be true to yourself! They have haul videos and even cute music videos where they show you ways to wear particular fashion items.

Shreya recommends: “Ways To Wear It Little Black Dress” or any styling video.

Pick #4 Khyan Mansley

YT4Khyan  Mansley is a write, director, actor and comedian with 2 channels on YouTube. His sarcastic commentary on the stuff that happens to him everyday and his quick British wit are what put him on my favorites list.  He vlogs and has made short sketches, but now he seems to be focusing on short web series/ short films. Either way, the man is hilarious!

Shreya Recommends: “White Knight of the Road”, “Tough Guy Walk” or “All Cars are Girls”

Pick #5 Ophelia Dagger

YT5Also British, she is a twenty-something book/film reviewer and vlogger! She is so wonderfully articulate with her quick wit and sarcasm and is adorably awkward. She reads/ watches a wide range of books/movies and gives really helpful reviews about them. I have read two of her book recommendations and have not been disappointed.

Shreya recommends: “ Yoga: An unexpected journey” or any of her book review videos

Pick #6 Ze Frank

YT6One simply cannot make a favorite YouTubers list without the mention of the next two YouTubers [insert LOTR Boromir meme here]. Well, three, if you don’t count the Vlogbrothers as one unit. He is known for making the terribly funny and informative “True Facts” videos about animals like the duck, the dung beetle, the chameleon etc. and also the viral “Sad Cat Diaries” video. He is a TED speaker and is constantly working on cool internet projects that involve his subscribers. His vlogs motivate me, make me laugh and make me feel better about the world.

Shreya recommends: “An Invocation for Beginnings” or any of the True Facts videos.

Pick #7 John and Hank Green of the VlogBrothers


(in the picture John-left and Hank to the right – still from video – How to be a Nerdfighter FAQ)

The Vlogbrothers are responsible for so much great content on YouTube that I’m not sure where to start in my description of them. They started off as a channel where the brothers made videos for each other and over a few years, they have taken on many projects, all with the aim of reducing what they call “World Suck” i.e. everything that makes the world suck. They have a history/ English educational channel (CrashCourse), a science educational channel (SciShow), John Green writes novels and Hank green made a web series adaptation of Pride and Prejudice! Together they organize Vidcon (the Youtube conference) and many charitable projects. They just make the world a better place.

Shreya recommends: THE LIZZIE BENNET DIARIES! Or any video from their playlist of “20 Essential Vlogbrothers Videos”

So there it is, a list, for your viewing pleasure. Comment if you hav checked these out and actually laughed out loud or if you have more recommendations that all of us could enjoy.


About Shruti Bharath

Social entrepreneur and developmental writer, passionate about creating workable solutions in the areas of improving employability of youth and women through skill enhancement/training and generation of productive and sustainable employment opportunities.

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