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Javisia Dias is as unique as her name. With a habit of not being able to sit in one place, it has led her to constantly experiment in life.  Be it travelling, gardening or any other kind of adventure. Based in Dubai, a city that caters to her every urge, she talks about a recent escape into nature.

Maldives – Nature in All Its Magnificence

Isn’t it ironic that one chooses to go vacationing on an island and still crave for some sort of technology?

M 3That is exactly what happened on our (my husband and I) recent trip to Maldives. After much speculation and cross–referencing of various island locations, we came to a mutual agreement to visit the Maldives. The simple reason being that we purely wanted to relax, soak up the sun and enjoy the beauty of nature. We indeed made a superb choice.

Beautiful Maldives

Greeted by the warm ocean breeze and fun-loving people, Maldives was like home away from home (we’re both from Goa). Our speedboat took us from the airport to our resort island and on the 30 minute journey there all we could see was the endless bounty of water, with specks of islands passing us by every 5 kms or so, most of these belonging to other resorts.

We reached our hotel, checked into our room and the next thing we wanted to do was go snorkeling. The early morning flight from Dubai coupled with my travel sickness simply seemed to have disappeared with just the sight of this God made beauty. We got our snorkeling gear from the on-island water sport center and at once hit the sea. The best part of the stay was the fact that every water villa has stairs which lead you straight into the ocean (how much closer to nature can you get?)

For the next 4 days every morning we would soak in the coral–laden sea and feast on the sight of a variety of beautiful sea creatures, like the sea cucumber, a baby shark and a sting ray! Don’t get astonished, these wild creatures are nothing but passive and non-harming.

M 5And in the evenings we would sit by the infinity pool order a drink and watch the sun set into the Arabian Sea with the dusk colours creating a very picturesque backdrop.

M 4The food was mainly international cuisine with themed nights such as tepenyaki night, dining under the stars and not forgetting Maldivian night which showcased an array of Maldivian cuisine right from tender coconut water as a welcome drink to fish curry and culminating in coconut ice-cream. In addition there also was a Thai restaurant which served authentic Thai cuisine on the banks of the coral reef from where one can see the beautiful night sky and the dark blue waters merging with each other.

M 6

Even breakfast was a multicuisine spread with fresh fruits and vegetables (grown on the island garden) served the way you like it. The topping of it all was you could sweeten your cereal or tea with fresh honey oozing straight out of a honey comb, like I said before how much closer to nature can you get?

The island is not all about being lazy and beach-laden, for adrenalin junkies there is an array of water sports activities with which you can keep yourself occupied as well as daily fishing trips, one of which my husband experienced and managed to catch a somewhat good fish.

M 7

Also available is a volleyball court and tennis court on the sister island which is a 5 minute speed boat ride. For those who still want to be lazy (like me) the award-winning spa is the place to be. With customized therapies and serene ambience with the sound of the waves and birds chirping you come out feeling completely rejuvenated and stress-free.

If you still want to experience island life in its crudest form the hotel provides a short trip to native islands where one can interact with the locals and tour the island.

So what about craving for technology? At first I was anxiously trying to enquire about w-fi facilities but the staff assured me that the hotel is well equipped with wi-fi and mobile services. Two days down and the whiff of fresh air and sight of nature’s abundance made me forget all about checking my emails and accessing my blackberry.

M 8With the culmination of our trip we decided to take a ride to the capital city of Male. Male is like no other capital I’ve seen so far (in terms of area and sophistication). Spanned across a mere 3 kms of land, it harbors the important government houses of the country and is rich in culture and trade. The market lane has a string of small shops from where one can buy small giveaways for family and friends. But one needs to make sure to bargain at places like these.

After spending 4 days in this beautiful country we bid adieu to this beautiful country and will definitely go back there again.

Learn more about Javisia and leave her a comment here to know what hotel she stayed at.



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