You Sexy Thing!

Priyanka Amrith, blogger and avid shoe collector among other things, shares her take on a woman’s fascination for shoes.

Tall, slender, and click-ety! Stout, fat and full bodied! That’s how women like them. Ask any woman you know, she’s sure to tell you how much she adores her pair. She will believe that they are the best assets and accessories that she possesses. She’ll flaunt them, ensure that they’re stored in her precious boxes, and choose how to wear them, each time she steps out. She will know that getting them wrong, can ruin the entire look, or lead to a perfectly enjoyable evening. She’ll constantly check on them, to see if they look good to a third person. She’ll take a deep breath at a party, and sit in a position, which allows maximum light to fall on them. They’re her glory, and will surely be a winner for her on the evening she gets it right. Some  will also spray perfume on them, in case a man gets too close to them.

As much as she wants to hide it, she’ll spend a grand amount on them. She’ll refuse to tell her mom, or her boyfriend, and make up some
reasonable number, knowing about their ignorance. She’ll blow kisses, and draw hearts for them when she sees a perfect pair on Facebook. She’ll negotiate, bargain, and probably fail, with the thought that she’ll never own them if she does not succumb.

“Sigh”she will, once she pays for them with her credit card, promising herself that she’ll keep a check on the spending the next month. She’ll vow to reduce the percentage of her salary that she stashes away and calls her “splurge allowance”.  Another month will come, and another percentage will be beaten hollow. She’ll love the new lacy ones, and decide to break her account just this once.
She’d rather sacrifice a couple of drinks at the party next weekend, and use that money for her beloved.

Love them, she will. Adore them, wear them, preserve them, till the fashion changes. Then she’ll push them to the back of her shoe rack, and let the new gleaming ones take the important “front row”. Pairs of them will build up over the years, and she’ll never get rid of them, thinking – “there will be an outfit to match these shoes! My feet will not grow smaller will they?”.

Every woman, will recount a story of her favorite pair of shoes. I did too, my story, with all the many pairs that I love, and are sitting pretty, at the back of the shoe cupboard. Here’s to many more pairs that we will own, love, cherish and be proud of!

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About Shruti Bharath

Social entrepreneur and developmental writer, passionate about creating workable solutions in the areas of improving employability of youth and women through skill enhancement/training and generation of productive and sustainable employment opportunities.

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