Photo A Day with Snehal Kanodia

This month we feature the work of the talented and young Snehal Kanodia. Hailing from Bangalore, Snehal is now studying in St.Xaviers College, Kolkata. Her work won her a photography scholarship to Ladakh which gave her an opportunity to learn from acclaimed photographers such as Ami Vitale and Lana Slezic. Her work was recently featured in the ‘Calcutta photography festival’.

Snehal held her first DSLR 2 years ago but art has always fascinated her. In her younger days her talent may have been restricted to winning inter-school level drawing competitions and making beautiful birthday cards. But when she came to Kolkata, after an 8 class photo workshop, photography became her new medium. “It was like instant painting – a strong and impactful medium of creative expression”, she says.

Snehal has since been taking photographs of every vacation, every city event and every interesting person she meets with a pure passion. But she says “that wasn’t enough.” This was the inception of her latest project.

A Photo A Day is a photo essay of 32 pictures, rooted in the simple idea that every individual has a story to tell, a life worth knowing about, and a lesson to teach. This project was conceptualized only after the first picture was taken. She had only walked about a 100 metres after clicking Mr. Dulal Bera (on Day 1), on her way back home, when the idea struck her.

She ran back, took down his details and uploaded the picture in the evening. What started as a selfish aim to hone her skills, developed into a habit of living a new adventure every day. Though the project has come to a halt, the essay behind it continues. She is now giving back the pictures and a team including her and her fellow students have started to teach at “The Oral School for Deaf Children”(Photo of Day 31).

The 10 pictures she shares with us today are her favorites out of the 32, forming a part of the same essay, all shot in Kolkata (The City of Joy). The captions along with them talk about experiences that touched her heart. This month’s magazine background also features her fantastic work. Catch her work on her own personal website as well.

Day 1

Dulal Bera - Washes cars

At age 60 and between washing cars, Dulal Bera, shows us you are never too old to pose for a picture.

Day 5

Frank and Anna from Spain and Argentina respectively have travelled all around India and teach us that a smile can put everything in place.

Day 9

At age 86, this photo shows us Lakshmi with her pet parrot, she tells us that satisfaction is the key.

Day 10

“Respect yourself and the world will follow”, at age 4, Simran here is wise beyond her years.

Day 15 – This beautiful picture is the featured image on Seize The Word blog this month

The opposite of education is not work, it’s depression. Here Kusum and Preethi frolic in the City of Joy, happy to be carefree and studying.

Day 16

Ishrat Begum at age 38, works as a government employee and runs her own candy shop. She works hard for a living and as a single parent does the best for her children. She teaches us that richness is not measured by what you have but by what you do.

Day 18

Shanaz and Mohammad Jannu tell us that being original is the only way. A house wife and Bandar Patti’s famous tea shop owner, bust a move.

Day 26

Karthik Pali a craftsman at Kumortuli is sure that courage is another name for creativity.

Day 28

“Whatever you do you cannot please everyone”, Akhada wrestler Prahalad Yadav thinks so.

Day 31

Farid, Raj, Vishaka and Sakshi are students at The Oral School for Deaf Children (Kolkata). They exemplify the fact that money can buy only so much, for everything else there is kindness, compassion and honesty.

Learn more about Snehal Kanodia.


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