On the streets of London with Amol Kshatriya

This month we feature the work of Amol Kshatriya, a talented photographer and architect from London. Amol loves meeting strangers on the streets and makes great ginger tea! Here we explore London in its shades of grey.

As told to STW

I love walking and observing things around me! Be it a child playing with his dad on a train, a girl walking in the rain without an umbrella, her hair blowing with the wind or an old man sitting on a bench reading the newspaper. It’s always fascinating to watch people and places, in their elements. Recently, I began recording what I see, of course with my camera. It’s amazing what the random situations or happenings you find yourself in, can do to your mind, if you manage to become part of it. For me it happens when I look at things through the lense of my camera. I am no more an observer but a part of the story, which is about to unfold in front of me.

These are some photos taken while wandering around London this year. They show people, places, emotions and life as it happened. The captions of these photos are merely thoughts that came to my mind as I took the scene in; simultaneously in my mind and digital darkroom. Enjoy reliving these moments with me.

Innocence in their eyes, a sparkling smile and curiosity on their faces. Things if lost in the process of growing up, defeats all purpose. Here’s to youth!

The evening melody

Look back while you move forward. Ever wondered what being in motion does to your mind? It sometimes can take over the whole purpose of journey. So feel free to stop, take a deep breath and look, before you move again. Because journeys are measured by the number of experiences, not by miles, not by time

Lady on Regent Street

The best part of a kiss – the moment before it happens

Standing amidst the crowd he watched…was he there or back to his salad days?

The wait

(This picture forms the background of the blog this month. Thank you Amol!)


There was something about her that was charming, her age and the way she held that grocery bag

Eye contact – the most basic form of human communication, also most magical. There is a whole new world in someone’s eyes

I was there

Look where I got my teeth from!

When in London

Learn more about Amol Kshatriya.


About Shruti Bharath

Social entrepreneur and developmental writer, passionate about creating workable solutions in the areas of improving employability of youth and women through skill enhancement/training and generation of productive and sustainable employment opportunities.


  1. amol

    Great work buddy…

  2. ajay m.

    a technically efficient eye can always capture a technically better picture,
    what touches the heart is what is captured by the heart… great work amol!

  3. Sumantra Misra

    Proud of you Amol…!!

  4. Kedar devi

    Great one dude proud of you

  5. vardhini

    so proud of u amol!! awesome clicks !!

  6. Great work….Keep it up Amol…

  7. Nilesh

    Hi Amol, do you remember me Nilesh Sathe from Pune

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