Adhithi Rajan loves greyscale photography and vodka. This Clinical Psychology post graduate-in-the-making shares an emotional story about how childhood experiences shape the people we become. 

Because, once upon a time, there was a young girl admitted to Baroda Heart Institute, with a minor chest pain and a woman came and stood beside her bed while the other nurses attended to the girl. She held the girl’s hand and asked her her name and what her favourite food was. She comforted a 15 year old admitted in a heart institute, and rescued the girl from the fear and anxiety as she was getting ECG plugs attached to her chest. She was the Psychologist of that hospital. And the girl i.e me, from that day on wanted to do what her job was. She is why I am on my path to becoming a clinical psychologist.

Because, once upon a time, a child used to have a lot of sibling fights. Yet every time the fight got resolved- either by forgiving, letting go or by talking it out. And a belief arose in the child that everything can be solved. It is because of my siblings that I learnt to be positive. With a strong sense of trust in happy endings.

Because, once upon a time, a child had a poster assignment to do on the process of Photosynthesis. She was too small to get it right. So she and her father sat together in the night for 4 hours, as her father made the poster. The same kid suffered an eating problem. She didn’t like the home made good food. And so the mother till she was in 7th standard used to feed her with her own hands even when the other siblings cooperated and ate well. It is due to my parents that there is instilled in me a deep sense of security. Which makes me feel “okay” to lack in few things in life. It is this security which helps me to be cheerful and motivates me to fight every problem, knowing I have great backing.

Because, once upon a time a 12 year old girl took extra Bharatanatyam classes in her summer vacation to hone her dancing skills. After dancing for 45 minutes straight, the teacher asked the girl, her sister and her friend to dance the final piece of that dance segment. The 3 girls stood shocked. They were drenched in sweat, very tired with aching feet. But that one girl said she would do it simply because the final segment was her favorite. Dancing for the next 12-13minutes enjoying the aching feet, she managed to live up to the teacher’s expectations. On completing the final piece, the teacher had her sit down, gave her some water and complimented the girl for her will power. Telling her that it was commendable to have ignored the body tiredness and listen to the voice inside, to dance. It’s because of that teacher that I realized I had good will power. Because of her I became aware of this trait of mine. And I remembered to use it in every situation that demanded endurance.

Because, once upon a time, there was child standing near the entrance of the Meenakshi temple in Madurai, gazing up at a huge elephant standing in front of her. Even in the overwhelming fascination of seeing “E for elephant” creature, they both made eye contact. A prolonged one. And the child later thought that the elephant was conveying something. The child started building a belief that the universe (or God) had different ways to talk and communicate. That animals and humans (and living and non-living organisms) were all one unit, one whole of this universe. They all have a mysterious interconnection that unveils in the biggest theatre called life. It is because of these unscientific and purely humanistic experiences, that I believe there is something more than science. Something that connects all humans at one level.

There always is a story or an experience behind every decision, thought and action (at least the major part of it). Most of the times, we might not even be aware of it. It surely is beautiful how the world shapes one individual into the person they become. It is greater a beauty, how people who walk into our lives, touch us in a million ways, help us build ourselves, strengthen our coping and make you realize our own worth.

To be aware of such magic going around us is positivity I guess. To be aware that family, relationships and our ambitions guide almost everything in life, is what I would say counts as a successful life.

Because, once upon a time, a fifteen year old girl had memorized debate content written by the mother and was practicing it with her. While saying the memorized content, she realizes how convincingly her mother had written the “for” notion. So she paused and asked her mother “mom how will I ever write as good as you?” to which her mom replied “I am sure you are going to write very well one day.” On the day of the debate the father was driving the girl to school. In the car they discuss the rebuttal questions and the father teaches her strong comebacks to use as rebut. The mom-written text and the dad-cited comeback got her to win the debate. It is because of those reassuring words of my mother and the millions of conversations on society, politics, sports and people, with my father, that I developed the love for sharing and writing. My way of articulation, is garnished with moms style of writing and spiced up with dads flow of thought. The affinity towards writing came with a reason. As always, a story.

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About Shruti Bharath

Social entrepreneur and developmental writer, passionate about creating workable solutions in the areas of improving employability of youth and women through skill enhancement/training and generation of productive and sustainable employment opportunities.


  1. arpita

    Best thing i loved abt ur article is the way u expressed n put it in beautiful way…i wud be delighted to read more

  2. Adhithi

    thank you so much 🙂 glad you liked it..

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