Ashu and the kid

Meghna Iyengar loves talking, potato chips, coffee and random conversation that don’t lead her anywhere. She also loves this story, a small insight into an innocent time. 

“It’s a door…” he whispered. Kids c

an be such killjoys in adventures. I rolled my eyes. “Yes, I know”

Five was a dumb age to be. “What is behind it?” he asked curiously. He had the widest eyes I’d ever seen on a five year old. “Do you know?”

Of course I didn’t. “Of course I do. I know what is behind every door in this whole world”

“Every door? In the whole world!??  Even Ajji’s secret room?”

Ajji, my maternal grandmother had a wardrobe in her room that she usually kept locked. I suppose this dumb kid thinks there was a room inside.My! God! This was one brainless fellow.

” Yes, you dumb kid, every means all means even Ajji’s door.”

I couldn’t be saddled by the weight of this kid’s non intelligence. I needed to go out and be adventurous. Imagine stopping at every door.

“Why are you wearing a bed sheet on your back?”

Man! This kid never shut up

“It’s my cape. I’m a super hero. I fight bad people and bring goodness to the world”

I was proud of the fact that I was a superhero. After all, not too many people were blessed with such powers.

“Tatha told me yesterday that ‘There were no superheroes, only humans with immense strength of will’ Do you know what ‘will’ means?”

“I told you I’m a superhero. Superheroes know everything. Will is like a well, only smaller”

“Wow! You do know everything!”

Well, I guess it wasn’t too bad to have someone around who understood how important I was. Amma didn’t respect my powers at all. I told her spiders were full of protein and we superheroes couldn’t sustain ourselves with rice and vegetables. But then she started screaming and scared all the spiders away. No respect.

Now, coming back to the kid, there had to be some ground rules.

“Ok Kid, you can follow me, but if aliens attack us, I can’t save you because I have to save myself. I am more intelligent and the world requires the intelligent people to save it. Got it? “

The kid’s big eyes started to look scared now.

“Aliens!? Are they like Rakshasas?”

“Ha! Rakshasas are like squirrels compared to them. They are green, have big eyes and have guns that vaporize you!”

” Va.. pa.. ise?”

“It means kill you. Second rule, you don’t ask questions. Even if you don’t understand. Ok?”

“Oooo kaay”

“Most importantly, this is a secret mission. If you tell Amma or anyone at home, I’ll have to kill you. Understand?”

The kid nodded.

I smiled. Done!

Now, the world awaits. It waits to be saved.

“Aaaaaaaahhhh!” I scream and jump down from the wall of my fortress

“Can I at least eat something before we go to save the world?”

Seesh! This kid! Hunger!?

“Sigh! Ok. Make it fast.”

Sometimes, the world just has to wait.

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Social entrepreneur and developmental writer, passionate about creating workable solutions in the areas of improving employability of youth and women through skill enhancement/training and generation of productive and sustainable employment opportunities.

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