Sunday indulgence

It’s a lazy Sunday morning and what do you fancy for Breakfast? Something indulgent, crunchy, naughty and, if you are anything like Priya, something spicy!

Try these lovely potato pancakes (or hash browns) – you will never tire of them. What you will need – 2 large or 4 medium sized potato – grated, green chillies – 1  (or 2 if you want a bit more excitement) –  chopped fine, red onion – a small one, chopped as finely as you possibly can, a handful of roasted peanuts – coarsely ground into largish pieces, toasted sesame seeds – 3 tbsp, cumin seeds – 1 tbsp, fresh coriander – 2 tbsp – chopped fine, cornflour – 4-5 tbsp, oil (Sunflower or Olive) – 6 tbsp (per pan) and salt – to taste

Heat a shallow pan and add the oil to it. Mix all the ingredients, adding the flour at the end to make a sticky mix. You don’t need any water as the potato should release some – but if it looks dry, add a tbsp of water. Lower the heat. Take a handful of the potato mix and place in the centre of the pan – with your hands, just spread slightly so that it takes the shape of a small pancake. Shallow fry in low heat until it turns crispy golden brown on one side. Carefully, use a spatula to turn it over and cook the other side until it looks absolutely delicious. Serve hot with ketchup or chilli sauce.

Tip: Use more than 1 pan and try cooking 2 pancakes per pan – that way you will have breakfast ready for 2 at the same time 🙂


About Shruti Bharath

Social entrepreneur and developmental writer, passionate about creating workable solutions in the areas of improving employability of youth and women through skill enhancement/training and generation of productive and sustainable employment opportunities.

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