Seizing The Words

Shruti Bharath, founder, creative-head and editor at STW, talks about the meaning of writing and why she created this platform for people just like her. While this question has been posed to her many time this last month, the answer will keep evolving though the central idea remains “write to be heard”.

Writing and talking have always been my twin passions. It has never really concerned me that I may not really be very good at either, but I do so unapologetically and at times with a certain uninhibited style, that I feel quite proud of to be honest. Seize The Word has been alive and kicking for a month now, to the day, and the response has been nothing short of incredible. I am genuinely amazed at how people respond to small efforts and new ideas. Seize The Word is exactly that, a small effort to help people like me talk with words, where others (again just like us) listen as they read. I’m told, that the English language is no longer about being ‘proper’ or ‘correct’ (grammatically and perhaps politically) but is about conveying a message, expressing an idea and conveying a feeling. For the past month, together with my generous contributors, we have done just that.

I see the road ahead of me with STW as one with challenges coupled with a lot excitement. The idea, when still a seed in my mind, meant giving folks a platform to publish written work or illustrations and photographs in one common space. This space would have to be light, ‘hip’ and yet sophisticated – a tricky line to walk between  ‘not taking itself too seriously’ and ‘being pretentious’. I wanted to offer a non-restrictive space for people with something cool to say, who may not have the time, courage or need to publish on their own. Additionally I LOVE magazines and had always wanted to do this. As a writer myself (freelance) and working on setting up a new business, I knew just how important a platform like this could be. A space to call ‘home’, where I could write and encourage it too. STW has allowed me to meet so many new people and that is super useful for an entrepreneur like myself. It has allowed me to expand my own horizons and with each step, I’ll put that right back into the magazine.

The road ahead for STW? Improvements, new ideas, expansion… and the WORLD.. (evil laugh). Well, not the last one, but all the rest and plenty more 🙂 I envision reaching out to as many writers across India and the world even, looking to contribute and promote their work through this platform. You can expect some really interesting collaborations on the music front, social awareness and literacy and photography. At this point the team is more a one (wo)man army, but of course I will look to expand that as well. My core contributors will continue to do fantastic work for STW and of course this network will grow. I’m looking for positive, energetic and enthusiastic people to work with all the time! So spread the word and do reach out to me through our Facebook page.

Feedback and suggestions are always welcome and if you can think of any interesting way for us to work together or collaborate in some way, my doors are always open. You will only have to write me a note on to get my attention.

Leave me a comment here, with your thoughts or feedback and suggestions. Remember, it’s easier said than done, so be gentle, be kind! 🙂


About Shruti Bharath

Social entrepreneur and developmental writer, passionate about creating workable solutions in the areas of improving employability of youth and women through skill enhancement/training and generation of productive and sustainable employment opportunities.

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