Sneha Shendre, our quirky fashion expert with a love for skirts talks to STW about her other obsession. Yup you got it, we’re talking beards! She takes us on her light hearted journey through Bangalore city, coaxing details out of different men and their ‘beard’ styles! She even has a blog dedicated to this love! She uncovers this natural accessory for us.


“You captured my mind
you captured my spirit
you captured my soul ” … Soulmate

We all have our fantasies and fantasy lands and for me, particularly in men, what I seek the most, apart from intelligence, is an interesting beard! From the city of Bangalore, I share with you the new city of bearded men and my conversations with them.

Coni Horler – Born in Zurich, has been in the country for the last twelve years. His love for the country is seen through his photography. Currently staying in a beautiful house in Koramangala, Bangalore, he is a free spirited individual, discovering and learning all the time.

He’s had this beard for the last year and plans to style it soon. “A clean shave is out of the question!” he says, “people will not recognize me” he giggles. Sipping a hot cup of green tea with Jasmine (trust me, that was one of the best chai’s I have ever had). As we talk about the beard he says ,” Mooch nahin, to kuch nahin!”

Siva Pillai- A self-taught motion designer, began his television career as an assistant director in TV commercials. Having found a commonality in film making and design, Siva creates pieces that transport his audience to different planes of sensorial experience. He is an acknowledged industry leader in television branding, promos and motion graphic design. He is from the city, but currently working in Mumbai. But the love for the city keeps bringing him back a couple of times in a month.

Siva says, “ I look better with a beard, and it feels like the biggest mistake if I shave. I am sure people who shave, don’t like to everyday because it’s a task. I do know some of these people, the time when they don’t shave feels like the best thing ever.” He says “A beard makes a man.”

I did decide to expand my search and explore the rest of the city, so went club hopping with my camera and got to meet some interesting men.

(Left to right) Jahangir, from Manipur at City Bar; Rahul at B Plan, Bangalore; Roozbeh and Imran from Iran, at Geforeys.


Kitsch Mandi- the flea market in Bangalore,  is a place filled with beautiful hand made, inspirational things like paintings, bags, clothes; with live music, beer and lots and lots of bearded men 🙂

(Left to right) Wasim from Manipur into handicrafts and clothes; Alok from Kerala, a budding fashion photographer; Ali from Bangalore, owner of the music store, Habitat.

I would say that all men have a beautiful bearded state, you just need to find your styles. To learn more about many intersesting “Beardmen” and styles they carry do check my blog. I hope it does get you inspired to keep one.

Learn more about Sneha Shendre.


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