Skirts as the city talks

Sneha Shendre, covers city fashion in Bangalore. Sneha, a stylist and photographer from The Garden City, absolutely loves skirts! She aspires to start her own brand Skiitch, which will be all guessed it.. skirts! Here is Sneha talking ‘skirts’ from Bangalore city.

My love for skirts has always been there and has grown with me. Being a designer, free flow and movement of fabrics and their drapes has always captured my mind. I realized just how important it was to me after working for three years. I realized I could actually ‘talk’ through skirts. I aspire to start a brand called ‘Skiitch’ which will be all about skirts of all kinds,with different techniques and fabrics . I am currently a photographer and stylist.

Ola wearing a double layered Blousson skirt.

So I thought it would be really fun to know what people have to say about skirts. From the streets of Bangalore, I met Ola, a student from Polland. Ola says she has been in the city twice and loves it here, skirts for her are all about being free and casual, she says she flaunts her skirt boldly with a sweat shirt and ballerinas.

Sowmya a house wife shared her views, by saying she only loves wearing short skirts, prefarably in a knit as it makes her really comfortable, she was a bit shy to share her picture though 🙂

Actor Divya Spandana, best known as Ramya was really sweet to share her views on skirts and also quickly brought out one of her prettiest ones. She loves wearing skirts and says ,” wearing skirts is a symbol of democracy and independence!”

Photographer Sam Mohan, owner of Yolk Studio, and well known in our city for his fabulous photography said, “it’s absolutely fine to wear skirts, as human beings it’s really okay to wear whatever we like. I would too! Maybe the Scottish (kilt) ones” he giggles, “skirts are all about comfort, there are so many different kinds – mini, long, executive. As long as they are comfortable to wear and obviously appropriate to the occassions. I definitely wouldn’t be expecting a mini skirt at an official meeting but at night clubs it’s totally acceptable. Its a piece of cloth and its beautiful when people know how to wear it.

Ramya’s silk skirt with heavy embroidery.

Salman Raza a very talented makeup artist from our city says, “ women look very attractive and charming in skirts. Short skirts can be worn by a few who can carry it off, but long ones makes any wowan look slim and  beautiful.”

Five year old Nimisha Kaul aspires to be a doctor and a model. It was fun to take pictures of this young enthusiastic girl, who had a lot of skirts and was really excited about them.

She was a natural and I did not have to work too hard on taking her pictures. She says, “I love skirts because I look beautiful and because they are short.” 🙂

It would appear that everyone has an opinion on skirts, whether your are wearing them or just looking 🙂 It is a pretty amazing little invention, the humble skirt, and STW wishes Sneha the best with Skiitch.

Learn more about Sneha Shendre .


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Social entrepreneur and developmental writer, passionate about creating workable solutions in the areas of improving employability of youth and women through skill enhancement/training and generation of productive and sustainable employment opportunities.

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