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Abhijit Das, scientist and poet, gets his thrills from a wholesome, blood curdling, bone-chilling horror flick. ‘Das’ catches up on some old releases here (2011) and gives us his take on some ‘new’ classics (potentially anyway). Let’s see if this has the stuff to keep you up at night!

Indulging The Dark Side

From blood smeared faces and a “Veronica” hairdo to the art of diversion with subtle sounds and surreal silhouettes, horror films have come of age. Although a lot of the movies still rely on their blood work to send the chills, here, we review a classical one, the one with perpetually cloudy weather and an eerie tinge to the scenes, one based on exorcism and one with a twisted concept.

The Awakening

Director: Nick Murphy

IMDb listing

The Awakening is a movie set in post World War-I England. With many humbugs going around giving false hope to those who have lost their dear ones, Florence Cathcart played by Rebecca Hall, a famous hoax hunter is determined to expose and bring them to justice. She is smart, educated and an ardent skeptic. She completely ridicules the idea of afterlife. Pain struck by her own tragic past she is driven to prove that there is nothing to fear. It is until she visits Rookford boys, a boarding school to investigate the mysterious death of a young boy that things start to change. She is compelled to doubt her beliefs and it turns her quest into paranoia. As the movie progresses the stories of her past is revealed, leading to a somewhat predictable climax. The rest of it is for you to discover, but it’s a decent story backed by good acting and superb visuals.

The Rite

Director: Mikael Håfström

IMDb listing

This is yet another movie based on exorcism, but what sets it apart is that it’s from a skeptic’s point of view. A young priest plagued by his disbelief in God meets Father Lucas, played by Anthony Hopkins, to witness the exorcism of a 16 year old pregnant girl. The movie may seem like a horror cliché with contorted bodies and coarse voices, but the director does not push it to obscenity and a puke fest. Anthony Hopkins plays a brilliant part in the movie, and after the Hannibal Lecter series, this is one to watch out for. It may not be as good as The Exorcism of Emily Rose, nevertheless it presents an alternate perspective which makes for a good watch.

The Cabin in the Woods

Director: Drew Goddard

IMDb Listing

This movie is one from the genre of slashers. It has everything a typical horror movie calls for, five teenagers stuck in a far off place in the forest with no contact with the outside world in an old creaking cabin in the wood, plus Zombies and a lot of blood. Although not an out and out gore movie, what sets this apart is a mysterious control room that the movie keeps cutting back to with a bunch of people watching, betting and even controlling the whole play. It is more like an elaborate reality TV show where your decisions are influenced by pheromone mists and your death becomes a reason for celebration. I have to say though that it has got a really shoddy explanation for all of this, but by that time, you have already had your share of fun.

Das’s tips for good ol’ horror movie fun: Make sure you accentuate your experience by getting the ambience right. Remember, it has to be dark, it has to be cold and most importantly, you got to have good speakers/headphones.

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About Shruti Bharath

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  1. shaz

    Nice reviews there ! like the candid and frank remarks.

    I would recommend that you give a rating to the movie as well. I know we have the IMDB etc etc, but would not like to go over there everytime I read a review here. PAck it all here. So, go on, get that DAS-o-METER going. You might also wanna do a TOP 10 or 100 in sometime. 🙂

    I’m surprised to see a “Scientist Poet” turn a horror flick reviewer… Recipe for another horror flick I suppose 😀 .. Cheers and keep up the good work !

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