Culinary Customs

You’ve had a long day. You’re probably famished. There’s nothing like a delicious meal to hit the spot. While some have the energy to whip up a little something others put their money where their mouth is and eat out. Deeksha and Shwetha, discuss some options for a Friday night, with STW. What do you think? (In conversation with Shruti Bharath)

Fresh, home cooked food. Nothing like it. Sure you need that extra bit of energy to whip up something after a hard day at work, but nothing lifts the senses quite like Coriander/Cilantro or whatever else you want to call this heavenly green leaf. Shwetha, is a complete believer, a sucker for the stuff.  She quite literally adds it to everything –  Indian pancake (dosa) batter to smoked Salmon (fish). Predominantly used in Asian cuisine, it lifts up the flavors of any dish. She says “add just that little garnish of coriander and when its freshness hits your palette you’ll know exactly what I am talking about.” So for a fresh, pick-me-up meal just put together some coriander, mint leaves (about 250grams each), fenugreek seeds (1/3 to 1/2 teaspoon, this can be quite bitter), salt to taste, a few green chillies and a squeeze of one lime and grind to a paste. Slap this on some whole wheat bread, freshly chopped cucumber, onions and capsicum if you can, and grill for two minutes. I like a little sprinkle of cheese on my bread! Add a few sprigs of coriander and green chillies to your Bloody Mary cocktail for that extra zing. Meal for two and guaranteed (simple) satisfaction.

Deeksha however, is a fan of dining out and in Bangalore, well she’s spoilt for choice. Her Friday night was spent at the OCEAN RESTAURANT in Koramangala 6th block, Bangalore. Though small, it can fill a big craving for a good seafood and offers a peaceful candle light dinner (sigh just what you need huh?). The restaurant offers the usual spread of multi cuisine, served Indian style, but does it with taste (pun intended). Some of their best dishes? Deeksha swears by their spinach soup, mushroom tikka, fish pudina fry, and lemon chicken. Now that’s a mouth full, but apparently you leave with your savings in tact (yes we’re still talking about Bangalore).

What do you do in your city or home on a Friday night, with an empty stomach? (PS. I’m open to decent dinner invitations :-))


About Shruti Bharath

Social entrepreneur and developmental writer, passionate about creating workable solutions in the areas of improving employability of youth and women through skill enhancement/training and generation of productive and sustainable employment opportunities.

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